List of service desks for water supply

Shanghai Water Supply Shinan Co., Ltd.
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  Ms XiaoGuo Hotline
  Changping Road office   1035 Changping Road

Water supply pipe network, equipment repairs
Water service, meter reading
and billing

Business consultation, service complaint
  Tianyaoqiao Road office   1172 Tianyaoqiao Road  
  Bansongyuan Road office   550 Bansongyuan Road  
  Quxi Road office   905 Quxi Road  
  Haifang Road office   200 Haifang Road  
  West Shangzhong Road office   No. 32, 925 West   Shangzhong Road  
  Pingtang Road office   189 Pingtang Road  
  Da’an Garden offcie   No. 7, 999 Changshou Road  
  Shengda Garden office   Floor 1, No. 19, 2518 Longhua Road  
  New installation business development center   1228 Kaixuan Road (near Anshun Road)   086-021-62814040 Services such as new pipe connection etc.
Shanghai Water Supply Shibei Co., Ltd.
    Department   Address   Telephone   Business scope
  Customer service hotline
  Hubei Water S