Project Name
Water-logging Improvement Engineering in 9 Sections of Central Area
Competent Department
Municipal Water Authority
Coordinating Authority
Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Committee, Traffic Police Corps and Transportation Commission
Implementation Basis
WAccording to the request of Notice of Shanghai Municipal Government Office on Printing the Practical Issues Closely Relevant to People’s Daily Life to Be Accomplished by the Municipal Government 2016 (SMPG GO G [2016] No.1), the implementation of road water-logging improvement engineering is combined and synchronized with annual road reconstruction in specific districts and maintenance engineering. This drainage facility improvement engineering features the characteristics of effectively ease of the regional rainstorm logging, short construction duration, time efficiency, and well-received social response.
Project Background
Underground drainage facilities in central area that were built a long time before with old pipelines cannot meet the current flood control and drainage demand. When heavy rain comes,the water-logging situations always make trouble to the surrounding residents and social vehicles. Under such circumstances, road water-logging improvement engineering should be implemented according to annual district road maintenance plan, to enhance the flood control capacity and solve the heavy rain logging problems.
Project Content
The 9 sections include Shunchang Road and Sichuan Middle Road in Huangpu District; Beijing West Road and Xinzha Road in Jing’an District; Ganhe Road, Liyan Road and Shajing Road in Hongkou District; Yunling West Road and Yangliuqing Road in Putuo District; and Huanzhen North Road in Baoshan District.
More Implementation Process
Among the 12 practical projects (including 3 additional projects), 6 projects have been accomplished and another 6 projects have been under construction, up to finished drain pipes of 7635 meters, with the proportion of 92% in the total quantity.