What are the rights and obligations on the part of both the water supply and water use sides?

    Answer: According to "Regulations of the Shanghai Municipality on Water Supply" and relevant rules and regulations, the rights of the city water supply enterprises are to charge the water supply fee by metering the water used; reserve the right to seek compensation for the loss caused by unauthorized modification, relocation, removal or damage of water supply facilities; claim for back fee on acts of misappropriation; charge users approved to use fire-extinguishing water supply facilities according to the regulations, etc. The obligations of water supply enterprises are to make professional plans for the construction of water supply projects; obtain qualifications for water supply enterprises; implement licensing system for worker employment; ensure water quality and water pressure to be in line with the national standards; disinfect, repair and clean water supply facilities in accordance with the provisions to ensure their proper and safe operation; maintain uninterrupted water supply and not stop water supply without authorization; make urgent repair of water supply facilities within the stipulated time; notify water users, according to the regulations, of such matters as the temporary suspension of water supply or reduction of water pressure caused by force majeure events or urgent repair of water supply facilities; take urgent water supply measures when water cannot be supplied as normal for continuous 24 hours; Install water meters and conduct meter reading in accordance with the regulations; sign contract with water users for the use of water; complete and submit the water supply statistical reports to the water management department in accordance with the regulations.

    The rights of water users are: to ask water companies to ensure their water quality and water pressure to be in line with national standards and ask water companies to organize urgent water facility repair within the stipulated time and so on. The obligations of water users are to pay water charges in time; sign water supply contracts with water supply enterprises; (unit water users) sign exclusive collection agreement on water use planning with water saving authorities and use water in line with the agreement; not to damage or endanger the security of water supply facilities in the raw water diversion pipeline drainage and other water supply facilities; not to conduct unauthorized modification, relocation and removal of water supply facilities and keep water supply facilities in good condition; not to divert water; not obstruct or interfere with the repair work of water supply facilities; not to connect factory water pipe network system producing toxic and harmful substances to public water network system; and not to connect self-built water-supply pipe systems to the public water-supply systems.